Installation and Rерlасіng Furnace in Calgary НVАС

When your furnace is no longer working, you may have a tough choice to make: do you want to pay for Denver furnace repair or do you simply want to install a brand new furnace in your home? The answer will depend upon a number of different factors that are specific to your furnace, your household heating and cooling needs and your budget. In most cases, an experienced HVAC contractor will be the best person to help you make this decision, but it is still a good idea to be educated about some of the factors to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace.

Considerations in Choosing Between Denver Furnace Repair and Getting a New Furnace

The first and most important consideration when choosing between furnace repair and furnace replacement is usually related to exactly what the cost of repairing the furnace will be. In some cases, repairing the furnace can be very inexpensive. For instance, changing a clogged filter may help a furnace that wasn’t blowing enough air, while relighting a pilot light may help a furnace that doesn’t turn on. In other cases, however, there is something wrong with a major and/or more expensive part of the furnace. The blower motor, for instance, may be damaged or broken and it may be more costly to repair.

The next question, once you have an idea of the cost of Denver Furnace repair, is whether your furnace is energy efficient or not and whether it incorporates modern technology. A lot of changes have been made to furnace design and function over the years and if your furnace is old and dated, it may not take advantage of the new technology that is out there. This may be costing you money. Most furnaces last about 18 years, so if your furnace is approaching that age, any repairs made are just a waste of money. You’d probably be better off putting that money toward a new unit.

For instance, consider the difference between a furnace with a variable-speed blower motor and a furnace with a single-speed blower motor. The furnace with the single-speed motor is either off or on, with no middle ground and with a set stationary speed. The major advantage of the variable speed fan is its ability to keep the house more even in temperature without costing very much electrically. The thermostat doesn’t know what the temperature is on the perimeter of the home but if you run the fan, the air keeps mixing and makes the temperature more consistent.

Making an Informed Choice

These two examples are just two examples of major factors to consider in choosing whether to repair or replace your furnace. You should also consider whether there are tax credits available for an upgrade to an energy efficient model, and whether it is possible to fit furnace replacement not your budget.

If you find you can afford replacement and if your furnace is old and energy inefficient, replacement may be your best option. If, on the other hand, your furnace is in relatively good shape and the repairs are minor, then Denver furnace repair may be the better option.

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