Hеаtіng & Hоt Water Tank Rераіr in Calgary

One of the most inconvenient and infuriating types of damage in your flat is the damage caused by water. Even worse is the damage caused by water from the flat above your own! The damage caused by a water tank can not only destroy the walls, floors, and carpets of your home, but it can be extremely dangerous if mould begins to grow. Mould from water damage can cause sickness and even death in some cases.

So, as we have it, many people who live in flats throughout the United Kingdom have experienced this very scenario – the water tank in the flat above has a major leak and their flat below is flooded. Almost every person living in the flat beneath has had the same question, “What happens if the flat above has a water tank leak, can I claim?” The answer to that question is going to be a great big happy “yes” in most cases, as long as you have the proper home insurance coverage.

Although water damage is usually part of any basic home insurance coverage policy, it is important to remember that domestic water damage is not included or covered by all policies. Be sure to read through your coverage carefully, and if you are shopping for new home insurance make sure domestic water damage is covered. Just remember, even when you are covered for water damage, all types of damage caused by water are not covered.

With any home insurance policy, any water damage caused by an accident, such as a burst pipe, is going to be covered. This will usually apply to any damage caused by a water tank leak in the flat upstairs that happens to damage your flat as well. It is important to remember, however, that damage caused by neglect or disrepair is not going to be covered. This is where it can get tricky when the water damage comes from the flat above. If you are not sure if a plan you are considering will cover this type of scenario, simply ask your insurance agent.

If the flat above you has undergone a water tank leak, one of the first things you will need to do when the water tank from the flat above has leaked into your home is to take plenty of pictures of the damages caused to your belongings and the flat itself. A still camera is great, but a video camera is even better. You will want to make a written summary of what each image portrays as well.

If your flat has been damaged by water from the flat above, it is best to file the water damage claim right away. This means informing your insurance company immediately about the damages you are going to claim. Once you make contact with your insurance agent regarding the water damage, he or she will walk you through the procedure necessary to file your claim. During such a time, always have your insurance agent’s phone numbers handy and keep a record of all calls, emails, and conversations.

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