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The lack of parking facilities has led to the growth of car storage facilities in recent years. Most people today own more than one vehicle. Many own classic and vintage cars, and since they often own more than two or three vehicles, they do not necessarily have storage space for them. This is where car storage facilities come into the picture. There are storing facilities for all types of vehicles. Today it is as easy to find boat storage and RV storage facilities as finding a furniture storage facility. Benefits There are several benefits of renting a storing facility for your vehicle, especially if you are not going to be using your vehicle for a long time. First, storing facilities protect your vehicle from weather conditions like sun, rain, wind, snow, and hailstorms. Leaving your car parked outside can lead to rust formation on the car’s body and mildew inside it. By renting a car storage facility, you will be protecting your vehicle against theft. So many people have had their vehicles stolen from right in front of their homes. In a vehicle garage storage facility, your vehicle is stored in perfect condition, and this means that your vehicle is ready for use whenever you want to use it. You might have noticed that it is very hard to start your car after you have left it parked outside for a considerable period of time. Not a problem when you park it inside. Storing Tips However, when you store your car in a warehouse and you have ensured that you have followed the right storing tips, your vehicle will remain in tip-top shape. Here are some storing tips for your vehicle: * Ensure that you have rented a car storage facility that is absolutely dry. Dampness inside the storing units can lead to rust, mold buildup and pest infestation. * Before storing your vehicle, remember to wash and wax it. This will help prevent corrosion. * While your vehicle is in self storage you should put it on jacks and thereby relieve the pressure on the tires. A single pair of jack stands will cost you only $15 and will save your tires from deterioration. * Fill the gas tank before putting your vehicle in storing facility. A half-full or empty gas tank will lead to moisture accumulation and rust inside the gas tank. * Also remember to put some fuel-stabilizing agent in the gas. This will prevent the gas from oxidizing. * The battery should be disconnected before parking the vehicle in car storage. * Vacuum the interior and remove all food traces, which can attract pests. * Cover the tires with protective coverage. With these storing tips, your vehicle will be absolutely safe in storage units. Moreover, if you rent a climate controlled storing unit, you will be able to provide complete protection to your vehicle. Climate Controlled Units Temperature and humidity inside climate controlled self storage units are maintained at the right level. It is neither too hot nor too cold inside the units. In very cold weather conditions, heating is provided to prevent condensation. Furthermore, climate controlled facilities ensure that there is proper ventilation inside the units so that there is no stale air inside the units. Car storage facilities today provide optimum storing environment for all types of vehicles. Ensure that you do a little bit of research before you rent one to ensure you find a facility that matches your needs and is light on your budget.

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